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What is life like as an Algo-Systems Developer? (Read 3257 times)

I like this forum!

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What is life like as an Algo-Systems Developer?
01/14/12 at 19:47:11
Good day all,

Would some be willing to share experiences working as or with financial/trading software developers? Iím evaluating making a career change into this field and all info would be very welcome.

Some specific questions:
  • Are jobs usually contract/term based or full-time/permanent?
  • Are developers hopping from company to company after each project or do valued ones stay to work on the next things?
  • How big are development teams?
  • Do firms usually develop new systems (including infrastructure) or do they mostly implement/integrate new algorithms and features within existing frameworks?
  • Who drives ideas and requirements for features?
  • What are avenues for advancement?

Thanks for any insight you can provide! †:)


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