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Where to sell trading ideas? (Read 20394 times)

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Re: Where to sell trading ideas?
Reply #15 - 09/24/11 at 02:03:57
Don't get me wrong, I'm not negative on collaboration (partnership), I've just never been in one that really worked.....equally.....so here is what I do when folks want to give me money and this is what did when I needed money and knew I had something that worked.

I have people loan me the money (legally with documents) at a low interest rate like 6%. To trade futures like we do here you dont need much, ES margin is like 5K and NQ is 3.5K (hint!). We run the money through the machine and split the profit 60/40. They get the WOW type return and because its a loan, I have NO regulatory issues or commitment to performance. And they never see the tech or even a statement. No prepays and if they want their money back, I require a 30 day notice.....no biggie....but thats not a problem.

If you have an Algo that works and want to protect it, this business model works. The interest on 1 ES contract is $25 per month....or two ticks.....The question is always how much money do you need?

But..... if you bring me a successful algo I will pay you money.
Here is the profile of what I like.
1. Futures based
2. Momentum based
3. Must employ some type of risk management(no wait and hope)
4. Should yield at least 15% per month, cash on cash...so for es that would be $750.....15 points. On a 20 day month that would be .75 points per day.....Sounds easy? Its rare.
I will look at a lesser yields, but risk should be really low then.

Even if you don't have a P&L but think you're on the brink of a major breakthrough....I'll look at it....
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