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FSE Listings partners to offer listing on the FSE (Read 3896 times)
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FSE Listings partners to offer listing on the FSE
03/07/11 at 14:27:59
FSE Listings partners to offer listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2-6 weeks combined with financing between 5 million euro and 1 billion euro to clients

FSE Listings and partner Deutsche Capital Partners have over 100 listings, all of whom have received financing via direct investment, equity lines of credit, and debt financing. The firm has financed several billion in financing, with our investment criteria being mainly with firms of 5 million euro to 1 billion euro directly into Frankfurt Listed companies and private firms listing. Firms with pre-established trading history and volume are often easier to finance. The objective of FSE Listings partners is to provide the best possible risk-return trade-off by making direct investments into foreign and domestic private and public micro-cap companies. This is done through the acquisition of stock, convertible debt, warrants, and other instruments from target companies at a substantial discount. FSE Listings drives the listing process onto stock exchanges and the structure of the financing package is provided by partners such as Deutsche Capital Partners AG.

In addition, roadshows assist newly established firms meet their obligations for trading volume, allowing for financing acquisitions, growth, infrastructure, and seed capital.
Within 24 hours of our interview and due diligence, our team can identify the best mode of finance, the best market to list within, and structure your firm and investment plan. Our initial discussions will revolve around equity investments, roadshows, and the appeal of your business to the market and appetite of the exchange we will introduce and list you on.
Contact us today to Partner or to List your Firm!
New York: +1-914-613-3889
UK: +44(0)2081235719
Hong Kong: 81753591
South Africa: +27110836116
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