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question for the R experts on scatterplot colors (Read 27861 times)
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Re: question for the R experts on scatterplot colors
Reply #15 - 03/18/09 at 19:17:25
Sorry to barge in. But having spent some time learning R I would point at one strange thing.

Books on R (there are plenty) are generally well-written and are mostly in "example based" style. But they all don't start from start. They assume that you have some familiarity with it (or S) or don't need to know the language, just commands. R documentation refers to S manual (which I cannot find on Internet) very often as well. And that makes things slightly longer than really necessary.
If you take, for example, "The R Book" the introduction to language is terrible - it refers to items described later in text (just tell me who invented this style as I encounter it so often).

Out of all, probably the smoothest book is "Data Analysis and Graphics Using R: An Example-based Approach" by Maindonald.
Perhaps, somebody would recommend something else better.
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I like this forum!

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Re: question for the R experts on scatterplot colors
Reply #16 - 03/18/09 at 20:31:50
Hi Yury,

One of the things that helped me learn R quickly (although I am obviously, by no means an expert), is to find a topic that interests you, you are already familiar with, or you would like to learn more about.  For example: multivariate statistical methods--

Then find an related R book from some publisher like springer.  Most of the texts they produce have the complete R code at the author's website and include commentary in the code.
There is a fantastic amount of useful information available on the web if you search deep enough.

The only problem I have, is when a small detail like my original question pops up.  The R help forums can be a bit dry and convoluted, which is why it's great to have a forum like this.
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