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Don't be intimidated by AI, seize the opportunity (Read 5917 times)
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Don't be intimidated by AI, seize the opportunity
04/11/18 at 14:00:18
Imagine an intricate network of elastic compute clouds, data centres, rows of quiet office desktop computers running algorithms that communicate with one another engaged in fierce competition or active collaboration. The whole purpose of their existence is to grow stronger, become more resilient and survive in a turbulent, chaotic and at times rather hostile environment. They seem to carry out some distinctly different functions: many of them are workers, warriors, some seem to be silent guardians that protect their environment. Their level of intelligence reminds us of the wonderful animal kingdom that thrives on our beautiful planet. They are of different material, they are a product of higher intelligence but their nature seems to be in harmony with that of the living word. They live, they breed, and they die. Their end is an agent of change and their survival features are passed from one generation to another. Their actions are not prescribed or contained by a single overarching script as they become more complex, graceful and smart in the flux that surrounds them.

Those bubbly algorithms are intelligent agents and their communications are lighting fast resembling firings in a synaptic network. They do not sleep. They protect you and your investors' wealth. They relentlessly search for those tiny inefficiencies in various markets, sectors, securities and their derivatives to extract the precious alpha and improve your quality of returns. Some of them trade, some of them conduct the research for their masters and peers, others enforce the order and contain the risk by retiring the agents that exhibit abnormal behaviour or violate the rules.

They conduct and participate in large scale simulations, they learn to deal better with boom and bust cycles, slow and fast markets...

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