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AlgoTrader One-Click Installation by Docker (Read 9023 times)
Andy Flury

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AlgoTrader One-Click Installation by Docker
03/15/16 at 16:37:12
Docker is an open-source platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications. Its the next big thing in IT server management.

And now were pleased to announce that AlgoTrader 3.0 will use Docker to streamline our own installation and deployment process.

In the past, deploying AlgoTrader on a production server was a tedious task. You had to individually install Java, MySQL Database, ActiveMQ, Maven, Flyway, and IB Gateway, as well as the AlgoTrader server and trading strategies. These steps consumed up to an hour, and were prone to error.

But now with Docker, you can install all these components with one single command. This simplifies the process immensely, and the entire installation takes just a few minutes.

Docker builds AlgoTrader components into lightweight containers that are platform independent, so you dont need to worry about whether they will run on your system.

Docker is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and the AlgoTrader Docker installation procedure is identical under each operating systems. This means you can be certain that a trading strategy developed on Windows will behave in exactly the same manner when deployed on a Linux server.

And to simplify things even further Docker recently introduced Docker Cloud, a hosted service for Docker container management. Docker Cloud makes it easy for new Docker users to manage and deploy Docker applications like AlgoTrader. Using Docker Cloud, trading strategies can be deployed to cloud servers with a single click. With Docker Cloud its even possible to setup a new Cloud Server including AlgoTrader without touching the server itself.

Docker simplifies and streamlines the AlgoTrader installation process, while making trading automated strategies m
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