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Question: Is high freq trading in a hedgefund a US phenomenon?

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Is HF trading in a hedge fund a US phenomenon? (Read 2253 times)

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Is HF trading in a hedge fund a US phenomenon?
01/11/10 at 16:46:22
I have been working on algorithmic trading strategies for about 4 years and have been doing so across client flow as well as prop. all my strategies have to be intraday and some are what people seem to be calling 'ultra high frequency' ones. i have thought about leaving the bank i am with at the moment and joining the hedge fund world but am concenerned that HFs in london don't really have the infrastructure that funds in NY/Chicago seem to have.
i'm at a real cross roads because if i stay where i am i can carry on building new strategies and producing research, but i keep hearing about 'opertunities' in Hedge funds which sounds great but there seems to be so little info about any of them i am worried that i will be severel limited in terms of what i can trade. are there there really strong sytematic houses in london or would it be sensible to explore firms like citadel/breakwater/getco in the US or wait until London catches up ? Undecided
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