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Floor Trader pushing all in on ALGO (Read 2663 times)

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Floor Trader pushing all in on ALGO
05/28/09 at 16:26:45
I am the principal of a 20 yr old floor trading firm that has held/still holds memberships on the NY and Chicago Exchanges. We have spent the last 6 months learning about latency and architecture and now feel that we have at least a good enough understanding to launch our ALGO division. We have sure up our software and hardware partners and have extremely strong relationships with the Exchanges because of our history with them, thus we have just finalized a deal to co-locate our servers directly in the Exchange rack. We strongly believe in a team spirit. We have learned that to compete in this brave new world of ALGO, a team must have programmers, quants, developers,IT, math genius and of course traders----WE CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON THE TRADERS. We believe that sub-milli speed can be bought if truly needed, and the best programmers can be found and hired, but traders are born, and then nurtured to have an intrinsic gift that even the most talented MIT grad will never be able to code. If you are a trader, better yet a former floor trader, please lets talk. This is your new home and we will capitalize and incubate you to truly perform with a support staff and the latest technology. We trade only commodities, and although we are looking for traders, all others who think they have services to help our firm, please submit your thoughts or request for employment. Many Thanks.
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