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Tricks of trade (Read 3401 times)
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Tricks of trade
07/25/08 at 17:11:14
Trying to enlighten the forum a bit.

This is remotely related to trading. Alghough it implies a much broader definition of "trading".

Dealing with recruiters from time to time, I am always surprised at how resourceful these guys are.

One HH was trying to collect some info about my colleages at work yesterday. He has found my profile and managed to find my company name.

So, the input data is: company name, my name, full stop.

The output data is: names, phones, emails of all developers at my company (not just one, but at 5-10 at least).

The algorithm is: call me and offer me a free gift - a new advanced mobile phone model programmatically customizable (with a plethora of languages C++, C#, Python, Java)... company is promoting the model and intends to give away a first 1000... no obligations, no contract... by the way, what language do you prefer for customization tasks: C++ or C#? allright, no problem... do you have colleages, who are software developers? How many? about 10? Ok, then... ah, we need to send it to your colleages as well. So, I need their names... no, we can only send at least 5 phones per company... yes, we need their names and contact details or we won't be able to collect feedbacks... no, we need 5 people at least... yes, I understand that they might not want to... but may be I can just talk to some of them now - surely, if they want they will give their contact details... or just tell me their names that I can put on the address labels... no, company name wouldn't do... Ok, I can send you an e-mail, but the thing is - we do it only for a limited period... it is only the first 1000 phones free... when they get out you'll see how much they cost...

Perhaps, I am one of those Catherine Tate characters who like to laugh about some obvious mandane things, or what do you think?
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