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Message started by Andy Flury on 07/18/17 at 17:23:41

Post by Andy Flury on 07/18/17 at 17:23:41

AlgoTrader 4.0 is the most comprehensive and integrated version so far, packed with innovative new features to help take quantitative trading to a new level. With AlgoTrader 4.0, any quantitative trading strategy can be fully automated, minimizing workloads, reducing trading costs and cutting strategy development times.

Automated Bitcoin Trading
AlgoTrader is the world’s first professional algorithmic trading solution to support automated Bitcoin trading. With the integration of Coinigy, AlgoTrader now connects to over 45 of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Historical Data Storage using InfluxDB
AlgoTrader now uses for storage of live and historical market data. As the world’s top-ranked time series database, InfluxDB specializes in handling time-series data with high availability and performance requirements.

Strategy-Specific User Interface Extensions
With AlgoTrader 4.0 it’s now possible to extend the HTML5 user interface with strategy specific custom widgets. This allows users to visualize strategy-specific data or interact with strategy-specific functionality (e.g. modify parameters or change the state of a strategy).

New Adapters
AlgoTrader now supports a total of 15 interfaces and adapters, including the following new additions:

  • Coinigy – for trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies
  • QuantHouse – based on the ultra-low-latency market data feed QuantFEED
  • Quandl – A popular source for financial, economic, and alternative datasets
  • Nexus Prime – A MetaTrader MT4 Server - FIX interface provided by IS Risk Analytics

For more information, please visit the AlgoTrader 4.0 announcement.

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