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Message started by RHawks on 11/12/12 at 16:54:48

Title: Index Elite Training and Recruitment Program
Post by RHawks on 11/12/12 at 16:54:48

Why you should become a Proprietary Trader through the Index Elite trader training program:
With the Index Elite online trader training program, you can become an online proprietary trader within less than six months for a nominal monthly fee. The online training program is designed to accommodate all trader experience levels, and teach anyone with a desire to trade how to trade futures and options successfully. The online training program comes with over 100 hours of online educational content, trading simulation accounts, live virtual trading room access, personalized and one-on-one training sessions, trading elite pulse feed, and access to our Nexus trader social network.
Our proprietary traders trade futures and options online in the U.S. Markets, working the same hours every day, Monday through Friday, from anywhere in the world. As an online proprietary trader, you do not have to invest your own capital into your trading account; our Index Elite online traders have the potential to start out with a firm funded account, once they pass our training course and become eligible traders.  As a trader, you have control over your earning potential, master of your own income, without being dictated by superiors; our Index Elite traders receive a generous payout schedule, where the more successful the trader, the more money the trader earns. We donít succeed if you donít succeed. As a tight-knit group of traders, we enjoy helping all our traders succeed, and our online training program is designed to allow you access to our community of experienced traders while covering everything you need to become the best trader you can be.

Title: Re: Index Elite Training and Recruitment Program
Post by RHawks on 11/12/12 at 16:55:02

After youíre trained, youíre one of us:
Once you have successfully passed all four phases of the Index Elite trader training program, you already have a job! You would no longer have to send out resumes, fill out applications, or intern at financial firms for that rare entry-level position. After passing through training, you are now an Index Elite proprietary trader, eligible for the $5,000 funded capital account, with no further exams of licensing required.  Visit our website now to enroll in our online training program to start your career now:

About Index Elite:
Index Elite isnít your typical proprietary firm by todayís norms. The founders of Index Elite came from the floor, and are self-made, successful traders; in the pits, anyone could become a successful trader if thy worked hard to learn trading, and we believe that to still be true, even as trading shifts to online applications versus the brick-and-mortar trading floor. Most firms have lost their way, only hiring programmers and mathematicians, but what happened to actual traders? Traders are being replaced by algorithms, essentially creating an exclusive club where the speed of the trade overshadows the intricacies of the trade itself. This creates a unique opportunity for us, as we believe that as long as the markets exist, there will be a need for traders; we are dedicated to helping anyone who is willing to put the work in become a successful trader.

Title: Re: Index Elite Training and Recruitment Program
Post by RHawks on 11/12/12 at 16:55:56

Job Criteria:
Start date: Immediate
Position Type: Part-Time, Full-Time, Permanent
Years of Experience: Entry-Level, 0
Education Required: High School

Job Requirements:
Minimum requirements: Computer with Internet access (this position is 100% online), an enthusiastic interest in trading. We welcome motivated individuals of all experience levels to apply. Our training program will train the right person from the beginning to the advance. Experienced traders are able to test out of some training segments.

Contact Information:
Regina Hawks  (312)462-4505
2 North Riverside Plaza Suite 2325, Chicago, Il, 60606

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