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Message started by zzz on 01/27/12 at 19:03:08

Title: The Introduction of Zero.
Post by zzz on 01/27/12 at 19:03:08

greetings fellow traders and developers,

i thought that i should introduce myself formally, my given name is edward but i prefer to be called zero.

i have been writing software since early 1983, my first computer was an atari 400, i was writing atari basic code within hours of acquiring that entirely cool computer.

my first programming language was atari basic, from there i dabbled in writing assembler/machine language, and from there i got into writing C language code around 1991, i began writing c using the quickc compiler from microsoft. i cant seem to locate a copy of that quickc compiler anywhere, sure wish that i had it.

linux is my operating system/coding platform of choice, but considering that metatrader is my trading platform of choice and it is designed to run on windows, i use windows.

i have approximately five years of full time coding experience with metatrader 4, and unless something really drastic changes it (metatrader) will remain my trading platform, period.

my current trading system is designed to be 100% portable, it is built onto a standard shop dolly from

trading closes for this week in three hours.

have a nice weekend,


Title: Re: The Introduction of Zero.
Post by zzz on 01/29/12 at 13:58:27

tech issues bother me so very little.

people issues drive me up the wall.

people that are weak and less than focused.

people that want to take the easy road.

people that want it all to be soft and easy.

as i was saying, people issues...

so i have been going it all solo...

when i do manage to get this thing off of the ground and whatnot...

my next project will be all about biology.

biotech is the new buzzword.

biology is the ultimate in number crunching.


Title: Re: The Introduction of Zero.
Post by zzz on 02/06/12 at 23:45:30

what is up, people?

had to swap out the main laptop for an msi box, and i added a second deep cycle battery and a small hdtv.

and, the really good news is that i finally got my domain name back from that abyss that we call godaddy. do not become delinquent on a domain name at, they will tack on some hella huge fees and pretty much hold your domain hostage... no worries, i just outwaited em.. it only took about a year, no biggie.. what a bunch of luzrs..

and, my position is still in progress.

position start date: 12/2/2011
balance: 1591
equity: 1470
marginused: 750
leverage: 50:1

click to enlarge

my next project is going to be some hella major fun.

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