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Message started by Algo Designer on 08/11/11 at 12:35:53

Title: VPS Hosting
Post by Algo Designer on 08/11/11 at 12:35:53

It would be interesting to hear from the members of this forum about their VPS hosting experiences in running Windows and Linux OS.

There are numerous VPS providers out there, but I am quite keen to learn about the ones that stand out from the crowd in terms of value for money, reliability and the quality of their customer support.

Title: Re: VPS Hosting
Post by kamensk on 02/19/12 at 16:11:32

If you look for VPS Hosting , look for ping time to you broker, co located VPS , futures look for Chicago base VPS DATA CENTER
dont use hosting company.
forex , jersey city , secaucus NY based DATA CENTER
even better dont use VPS this just advertisement of oversold computer , if you want hi end trading look for dedicated server, VPS is very easy to oerload , for 20-40 $$ VPS next to garbage , if you trade one symbol 10 trades a day may be good to buy , if you trade litle more use dedicated server , $125 o located in data center . in task bar unable real time or hi priority on mt4 exe file

Title: Re: VPS Hosting
Post by Tomcat98 on 04/11/12 at 00:36:52

Hi everyone,
I agree...
2 years ago , I have had a bad experience with VPS. The company has turned off with prior notice the VPS for "high spool usage", VPS overloaded. I have switched to a private dedicated server, and from then no trouble. So if you have a reliable algo , a good expert ,  set it on a dedicated server close to your broker. Invest in something equivalent to 100 / 150 or USD, and you will have a professional tool, 24H UP, good CPU and enough memory...  No more power trouble, no more connection problem...Then you will see good results without any stress...
Have a good trading week.

Title: Re: VPS Hosting
Post by Algo Designer on 04/11/12 at 15:01:55

Thanks Tomcat98. Having a dedicated server at your disposal makes a big difference. Who is your preferred hosting provider?

Title: Re: VPS Hosting
Post by Tomcat98 on 04/15/12 at 06:52:20

Hello Algo,
' been busy this end of week. Sorry for late reply.
Well , about dedicated server, I have no real advice to give, as it depends what you trade (stocks, metals, forex, futures...) and moreover where from. Best is to have a reliable dedicated server (cheap price) -close to your broker/ecn hotspot for minimize latency, with no excess of materials. Hosting companies tend to sell top notch stuff, sometimes very expensive. This is not really necessary. The best I have found taking into account what has been written is . Some others has also to be considered. Anyway, around 220 Euros per year  for a simple dedicated server is a good deal removing lot of stress. No more power and no more link failure.  One more thing. I have to say that I have no personal interest with that company, just a simple client after long research on the net to find a good deal.  :)

Title: Re: VPS Hosting
Post by Xavier C on 05/10/12 at 07:03:21

Hi everyone,

I use a VPS near the broker site to reduce latency and it works great !!
Near 99,99% uptime, and the downtime is when sometimes I reboot during weekend or maintenance time also during weekends.


Title: Re: VPS Hosting
Post by sumit on 11/09/13 at 16:48:23

you can also use economical and reliable

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