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Message started by JamesHong on 02/11/11 at 09:25:37

Title: A new job search guide for entry-level quants
Post by JamesHong on 02/11/11 at 09:25:37

Dear fellow Quants:

Please allow me to self-promote my book, "DEMYSTIFYING THE JOB SEARCH PROCESS IN QUANTITATIVE FINANCE", that is now available on Amazon in the US and UK also:

A short intro is below.

You are about to launch a great career in the field of Quantitative Finance. Your university is a top school that has produced a long line of successful quants. It is located next to a major financial center. That, combined with your excellent communication skills, allows you to take a full advantage of the numerous networking opportunities. The quant job market is booming, and you do not require a special authorization to work in this country.
What if you are not similarly blessed, but still want to find a quant position? This book will help you out. It is aimed at aspiring quants whose job search can be hampered by any sort of departure from this ideal situation. The guide also offers a fresh approach to the “soft” part of the interview process. A bonus chapter will show you how to boost your resume by obtaining Brainbench C++ certification.

Important: the book is available on Kindle only, but you do not need the Kindle device to read it. Download a free application from (Kindle for PC, Mac, etc.) and read it on your computer. Written with 12-size font in MS Word, the book’s volume is about 70 pages.

James Lin, Ph.D.

Title: Re: A new job search guide for entry-level quants
Post by dangtrung on 04/09/11 at 01:31:32

amazon is a great site. I have found many useful information in it.  :)

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