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Message started by ManEatingTigerEater on 09/17/10 at 08:18:41

Title: Very economical experienced C#, C++, Java dev!!
Post by ManEatingTigerEater on 09/17/10 at 08:18:41

Hello everyone

I am an experienced developer looking to work with a quantitative trader who is working from home and lives in UK.

I have 5 years of professional .NET (C#) development experience. I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional & Technology Specialist. I passed three MS programming and database exams with exceptional scores. Additionally, I also have academic programming experience of 4 years at uni which includes C++, Java and C#.

On the other hand my knowledge/understanding of finance is superficial. I know the business process of trading (markets, different types of orders etc) but that's roughly it. I am familiar with quite a few statistical concepts. I need a break in financial sector as a developer and with this offer I hope to gain some experience which will help me in this regard.

I intend to work under a quantitative trader for either or both of the following or other related purposes:

- To build a fast, optimised and streamlined ATS against a particular brokerage (for HFT may be?)
- To code in complex trading strategies into an existing ATS or the one that we build

I will be working part-time from home as I work as a software engineer full time. We can arrange meetings over weekends/bank holidays when needed (which is the reason why I seek someone who is in UK).

Since I am doing this for experience, money is not an objection and we can always come to an agreement. I'd encourage an interview to judge each other before starting. I will be happy to show documentary proof of my achievements and wouldn't mind signing a NDA should anybody feel that necessary.

This is a very attractive offer for all non-programmer quants as I am genuinely focused on gaining experience in financial domain. Please reply or send me a message if you are interested.

Thanks for your time!


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