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Title: Swarm Theory
Post by ray.chan on 09/19/09 at 23:29:57

Swarm Theory

"The Santa Fe Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center founded in 1984, for multidisciplinary collaborations in the physical, biological, computational, and social sciences. Understanding of complex adaptive systems is critical to addressing key environmental, technological, biological, economic, and political challenges."

Artificial Life - Swarm Intelligence - ACO js Version  

Programming Collective Intelligence
"Programming Collective Intelligence takes you into the world of machine learning and statistics, and explains how to draw conclusions about user experience, marketing, personal tastes, and human behavior in general--all from information that you and others collect every day. "

Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity Proceedings)
"provides a rigorous look at the mechanisms underlying collective behavior in social insects."

Swarm Intelligence (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Artificial Intelligence)
"presents valuable new insights by exploring the boundaries shared by cognitive science, social psychology, artificial life, artificial intelligence, and evolutionary computation and by applying these insights to the solving of difficult engineering problems. "                  

Title: GroupThink / Artificial animals / Artificial life
Post by ray.chan on 09/30/09 at 22:13:13

GroupThink ( Attachment :GroupThink.rar )
Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One . Chapter 5 Easing into Artificial Intelligence

Artificial animals for computer animation

Xiaoyuan Tu  Blog

Artificial life

Christopher Langton

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